Edubirdie Review: The Most Honest and Reliable Writing Service

Several weeks ago I realized that I can’t manage to write all my assignments simultaneously. Therefore, I started searching for a reliable essay writing company to help me. The table attached to this review will give you an idea of the current situation. Examining the benefits of various writing agencies that have been helpful, I have made my final choice. I’ve chosen some of them that appeared in the search results randomly. Speaking of EduBirdie, they offer high-quality essay writing service, timely delivery, skilled writers, unique content, and great customer support. Most importantly, their prices still remain affordable!

Edubirdie online reputation

I checked several Edu Birdie reviews on students’ forums and blogs. There are many fake reviews. However, I also found reviews from students who actually ordered papers online. Here I present the results of my observations and my personal experience with one of the writing companies.

What I Did To Make A Review On EduBirdie

Edubirdie – Funny Logo

It’s only natural to feel lost and confused when choosing a trustworthy service even if you hear positive feedback about it. The reason is that we all have our expectations and often have different objectives. As I composed the review of the EduBirdie writing service, I explored both positive and negative reviews to determine the golden medium. At the same time, I realized that the best way to check things is to get various platforms checked and evaluate things via personal experience. Turning to my academic writing background and analysis techniques helped me to provide an objective EduBirdie review through the critical lens. My point was to share both pros and cons and reflect on the things like bidding for prices and working with refunds that not many companies or reviewers mention even when speaking of positivity. The actual placement of an order with EduBirdie has helped me to determine what it’s like from start to finish, thus providing the ground to evaluate aspects like clarity, structure, formatting, editing, plagiarism issues, and timely delivery.

What is

The first writing service I examined was This service is extremely popular among students. On their website, they offer high-quality essay writing service, timely delivery, professional writing, texts free from plagiarism, helpful customer support, and affordable prices. Indeed, most of all these benefits are available for clients, but I will tell you more later on.

According to Google EduBirdie’s main office is located at 1000 N West St Suite 1200, Wilmington, DE 19801, United States. Still, it’s website claims they have additional offices around the world to cover more regions.

EduBirdie review - location: Wilmington google maps
EduBirdie’s Location Screenshot

Why Did I Choose Edubirdie For Review?

Browsing through various websites, I took a look at the services on offer. EduBirdie clearly wins here because they are always recommended by reviews and professionals in the field. Their website states that they offer expert writing assistance that is based on what their customers need. You have free revisions and refunds, yet I only used one free revision. The final quality was simply perfect!

The reviews I checked were controversial, but I decided to contact Edubirdie support and order a paper. I needed a paper on Business and had to complete a 5-page report with a one-week deadline. The paper was quite good, and I received it quickly after making my order. I’ve got an A- for that paper, and it was enough for me at that time. Becoming the best student in the class is not my goal.

How EduBirdie Chooses Writers

Contacting the company has helped me to learn that they are very strict when it comes to choosing their writers. They receive thousands of applications all the time but work with a specific screening approach that involves personal interviews and checking of academic credentials. They will ask to write an essay and fill out an application where a person is tested in terms of formatting and writing skills. According to statistical data and EduBirdie reviews that researched this aspect, only 62% usually pass the screening process that is primary in nature. When it comes to the finals, only 8% of the total applicants make it to the platform. Still, even then they are not allowed to take on complex tasks until the internal coordination team checks things and evaluates how the writer works.

Concerns about Edubirdie Writers

This issue requires special attention because I found several reviews where authors stated that writers there are fake. I talked to my writer many times using their live chat. The answers didn’t seem to be generated by a bot or written by a poorly educated person. But even if bots write these papers, they do it good.

I chose one of 200 writers to help me. The writer seemed to be professional because I didn’t find any grammar mistakes. My essay was well-structured, and all issues were addressed in detail. Besides, I received my paper before the final deadline. My paper was perfectly formatted, so I didn’t need to ask for a revision. Unlimited revisions are free, but I didn’t use this option. Regarding plagiarism, I used an Edubirdie plagiarism checker online, and it showed 100% uniqueness. So, I submitted it without any hesitation.

In some EduBirdie paper writing reviews, students wrote that the photos of writers on the Edubirdie website are fake.

I assumed that some writers don’t want to place their real photos for the reasons we can understand. This may happen because some of them work at universities. Therefore, they don’t want to show up on the website of a writing service. Another important aspect worth mentioning is how EduBirdie approaches the confidentiality of its writers and customers. They are reputable and worth the trust! What was more important for me is that I paid for my paper and got a good one. So it was enough. I can understand that Edubirdie writers want to earn money, but stay anonymous. Therefore, the company makes concessions to its writers. I’m satisfied with this service as long as get a high-quality paper. Even more, many writers do show their real photos. So, you can choose one of them if you prefer to see who are you dealing with. I don’t need this, a well-written assignment written promptly is all that matters. I can’t agree with those who accuse Edubirdie of scams. In my opinion, a scam is when one pays money and never gets a paper or gets it in poor quality. Therefore, no scam takes place in the case of Edubirdie.

EduBirdie Review - Writers On the Platform
EduBirdie Writer’s Bid Section

How Much Does Edubirdie Cost

The prices start approximately at $13.99 per page, yet they always increase if your deadline is tight. It means that if you have an urgent deadline, it’s necessary to pay more. The other variables include the number of pages, and writer’s level (Gold is 10% more and grants you access to the company’s TOP 50 writers, and Platinum, which is 20% more to the price and stands for the TOP 20 writers). You can also count on the personal writer’s bid, which may be less or more. If you need some additional services, you may ask for an early draft (+15% to your price), VIP support at $12.99, and 1-page abstract at $36. You may also receive what they call “a clear outline” at $12 which shows what the paper will contain. 

There are also free features like title page creation, writing style formatting, references page, plagiarism report, free revisions, and 24/7 customer service. The paper that I received also included professional editing and proofreading, which has already been a part of the deal. Considering EduBirdie legit place in the market, it makes it worth trying. 

The payment systems include MasterCard, PayPal, Amex, Discover, and Visa. There’s also an app for iPhone users that makes cooperation and payments much easier. 

So I can estimate with confidence their price system on 9/10

Edubirdie Review - Prices
Price Banner On – Screenshot

EduBirdie Money-Back Guarantee

The most important aspect worth mentioning in this EduBirdie review is the money-back guarantee system that actually works at EduBirdie. It provides a guarantee that you can receive your funds back as long as you can prove the low quality, plagiarism report, or your instructions not followed. The main point to remember is that revision can be requested only within three days after you receive an assignment. The good news is that when you request a refund (in the same time period!), you should follow the process to the letter. If you just state that you dislike the paper, it won’t work as you have to explain what standards have not been met. Remember that when you place an order, there is no grade guarantee and you must understand that the company remains honest with you as these assignments are composed by people like you and me. When you run into trouble, the company’s QA department will investigate the issue and let you know the results. According to EduBirdie reviews online, it does work!

Edubirdie Money Back Guarantee

Types of Services Offered

The company offers almost all the possible types of academic essay help. They are able to handle anything from analytical and narrative to expository and reflective writing. For example, I have asked them for a persuasive essay type and my writer has coped well. When I asked to revise one paragraph and make it more readable, the writer suggested adding more descriptive writing. It has been an important point that has helped me to achieve more clarity.
As I researched the other types of academic writing, EduBirdie also offers:

  • Case study writing.
  • Coursework assistance.
  • Dissertations and term papers.
  • Nursing reports and reflection journals.
  • Term papers on any subject.
  • Research papers and theses.
  • Scholarship essays and personal statements.
  • Speeches and presentations.
  • Calculations and spreadsheets work.

They can provide assistance in Geography, English, Nursing, Sociology, Psychology, Culture, Business Management, History, Ethics, and more. What I liked the most was their help with the editing and proofreading, which is second to none, in my opinion, as they genuinely try to help you! Review - Writing Services
Writing Services On

Free Services Review

EduBirdie provides you with a large choice of free additional services. You can enjoy the company’s plagiarism checker as one of the examples. Why is it useful? Well, when there is some incorrect or incomplete formatting, this tool will help you to check things and avoid the problem of plagiarism in your writing. I also recommend checking their promotions and special campaigns as these are great for saving money and enjoying special academic features. Composing this EduBirdie review, I want to focus on other fantastic free tools, including:

Grammar Check Tool. Basically, it helps to check your paper for grammar issues and typos. It’s good when paired with Birdie’s free plagiarism checker tool.

Conclusion Generator. I wasn’t sure what it was, yet really liked it as you only have to include your thesis paragraph or some important points to let the system generate an inspiring and plagiarism-free conclusion for your essay.

Thesis Generator. As one of the most challenging things to do, I found it important to check this tool on my own by answering specific questions as I checked my thesis statement. There is a form with the questions that have to be answered before you get your thesis generated. An innovative tool!

Paraphrasing Tool. Another great tool to avoid plagiarism! Paraphrasing is always difficult, yet I found this tool truly helpful because it is free and takes only a minute to get things done by using substitute words.

Topic Generator. If you want to choose an engaging topic, EduBirdie offers an interesting tool that works based on keywords and an academic subject to provide you with titles for your essay!

Words to Minutes Converter. It is essential for those cases when you have to deliver a speech or a script for your presentations. It will tell you the time it will take you to read your presentation.

Edubirdie Review - Free Tools
Edubirdie’s Free Tools

Online Reputation

I examined more than one EduBirdie review, and I can ensure you that sometimes these reviews are fake. I also assumed that competitors could place fake reviews about EduBirdie. Unfortunately, such things do happen! It makes it extremely challenging to evaluate the quality and see how things really are!

It was a bit odd to me that some reviewers praised the services that are barely known in the market. It may only tell that such reviews do not offer any real reflection of things or that they are paid reviews. People often do that to raise the ratings, as I could understand. Likewise, you can get low ratings on the famous academic writing services by the same “authors” even though the companies are known to provide high-quality work.

edubirdie review by trustpilot
EduBirdie Reviews – Trustpilot

If you want to order a paper, I recommend checking reviews of students who actually placed an order. I checked with EduBirdie reviews this way. These reviews can be read on Sitejabber, Yelp, or Reddit. I was ready to give up the idea of ordering a paper, but finally, I found several positive reviews and this saved me from academic failure. I included several reviews I found on Sitejabber and

edubirdie review sitejabber
EduBirdie Reviews – Sitejabber

Reviews at

Finding critical reviews and feedback from the actual customers is essential these days even though they must be taken with a grain of salt as your experience and quality benchmarks will always differ. Still, as you read about various challenges, you will feel way more confident and calmer when you place an actual order and get personalized help. I took a look through the to determine what most people had to say. There are many testimonials that speak of their particular cases when they felt mentally exhausted and could not concentrate well on what they had to do. Taking the time to explore the feedback, it’s safe to say that the writers work hard to satisfy the requirements of the clients and tend to listen to the instructions, making EduBirdie safe in terms of cooperation. The majority of students are happy with the deadlines that have been met and praise the company for their communication style and understanding of the paper’s requirements. They also praise EduBirdie for reliability and even recommend specific writers for tasks like Civil Rights. edubirdie review
Edubirdie opinions on review
Edubirdie review on
Edubirdie on
Edubirdie opinions
Edubirdie's opinion on
Edubirdie's opinions -
Edubirdie opinion on

Customer Reviews at

The people at Yelp also state that EduBirdie has helped them to cope with numerous assignments and praise the writers for top quality. What’s more, they also mention dealing with last-minute tasks successfully and reporting high writing speed. Other reviewers state that there are many amazing writers for various topics where attention to detail is second to none. They also state that prices are reasonable and choose the company to have an expert check things and provide assistance with things like formatting when they have too much on their proverbial plate. Most reviews also state that timely delivery (or even a bit earlier!) is also quite common, which is a good point for both urgent and normal deadline tasks.

Edubirdie reviews on Yelp

Read Alex M.‘s review of Edubirdie on Yelp

edubirdie review on 2.0

Read Kacey H.‘s review of Edubirdie on Yelp

Reddit Edubirdie Reviews

Reading feedback from previous students and users of Edubirdie is very important. It can make you feel confident about the service and allow you to relax. We decided to take a look on Reddit and see what everyone is saying. We were surprised by the number of positive and good reviews for the company. Some comments related to Edu Birdie review stated that they liked the quality of the essay. One person said that the prices were a bit steep, yet it was reasonable in the end. Most reviews I have found showed that people were eager to use the writing service again. It’s only natural if their experiences have been good!

Edubirdie Review - Reddit
Anonymous Recension On EduBirdie –

How Does EduBirdie Work: Order Process

I spent not more than 20 minutes on the website while ordering my paper. Edubirdie’s website is user-friendly, and the process of ordering is quick even for new visitors. Paying for papers after checking allows to control paper quality. Therefore, delivering poor-quality term papers is excluded. What I also liked a lot is that they provide a money-back guarantee if the quality is unsatisfactory.

Edubirdie Order Page

Order Form

The first thing that must be done as you place an order with EduBirdie is to fill out the order form. For evaluation purposes, I have chosen a paper of 3 pages with a 10 days deadline. The writer’s quality has been set to “All Writers”, which I did not change. First of all, I clicked on the “Hire Writer” button at the top, which brought me to the ordering page. You can choose Writing, Editing, or Other. Then you must set the deadline, specify the number of pages, choose your subject, and specify your topic with specifics based on your education level. Then I provided detailed instructions and attached my grading rubric. The system has also suggested paying $9.99 to choose the best writer for my subject, which I have declined, yet it may be a good option to consider!

How to Bid a Writer For an Essay?

Now, this might not be to everyone’s taste, but in my experience, it has been quite helpful! This way, you can talk to various writers even before you place an order by using the online chat feature. I could ask writers about their experience and see if they can understand what has to be done. No other company offers things like that! I can also see all these different prices, which makes it easier to compete for an adequate price. The downside is that it’s not always clear what constitutes the price and some writers will ask for a higher payment if what you are learning is rare and too specific. 

Now Check Your Order Page

Once you are determined to place an order, you have to see and check if you need any extras. I haven’t used them but they include getting your draft in advance, an abstract (good for research papers), personalized VIP support, and an essay outline. It would be good to include things like that by default but you can opt-out like I did to save some funds. It makes it an important part of the ordering process worth checking if you do not mind spending a bit more for safety’s sake or when you need an outline. 

Replenish Your Balance

Note: at this stage of the ordering process, you do not pay for your assignment yet! You should replenish the balance on our platform and the system will freeze the funds in your account to keep you secure. 

Receive The Final Paper

This is where I could receive the final paper and get the FREE plagiarism report exactly the way it was promised. It was one of the most important aspects that I hoped for and the platform did not disappoint me. I have checked the paper and it was done in a very good way and had no formatting or grammar issues. I could ask for free revisions, but I did not need them as all the instructions have been followed to the college standards. This is when I had to release the full sum to my chosen writer, so there were no risks at all. 

The ordering process and the results of my experience are rated at firm 10/10 because of flexibility and a plethora of options to consider.

How to Communicate With Assigned Writers

The best part about cooperation with Edubirdie is that I could communicate with an assignment expert. It has helped to settle down numerous issues and finally explain the specifics. It was also possible to click on the “My Orders” tab in the system and check the status. Two small updates have been sent to me and I instantly got in touch with my writer to clarify several brief aspects. When I had a question, the writer responded almost right away and I did not have to wait. My specialist has been respectful and extremely attentive to detail. Although my order has not been urgent, I loved the fast response and can safely rate the communication aspect as 10/10.

Let’s Sort EduBirdie’s Essay Out

Essay Structure

Ordering “Benefits of Integrating The Arts Into STEMS” 3-page essay, I received amazing formatting and logical content that had a strong introduction and an explanation about the role of STEM and statistical data that has been supported with a reliable source. It was done in a professional way and shows that the writer has done their job well. The English and grammar were of high quality and there are no complaints in this regard. The content, thesis statement, introduction, and conclusion can be rated as 10/10


It has been done well and in-text citations have been used where necessary. A bit more analysis could be suitable. The Bibliography has been formatted correctly. 8/10.

Grammar of the Essay

There were no grammar issues to the best of my knowledge and I did not spot any spelling or logic mistakes. 9/10

Plagiarism-Free Essay

Most importantly, the essay that I received was fully original and I did not run into any plagiarism issues. Original writing is what matters to all students, so this is a clear 10/10

Quality of Sources

The writer has used two different sources. One of them comes from the Journal of Microbiology & Biology Education from the 2018’s issue, and the other one is from the Procedia Computer Science journal. Both sources are reputable, yet one more source studying the problem could be helpful. 8/10 here.

EduBirdie Essays Clarity

Although I wish that there could bit a bit more personal analysis, the structure of the sentences and clarity were very good. The citations have been implemented well and statistical data in the introduction makes it easier to read and understand the scope of the issue. The writer has asked me for some clarification, which has also helped to control the focus of the essay’s content and narrow things down a bit. 9/10.

Example of Edubirdie’s Essay

Quality of Essays

The most important aspect that I would like to explore is the quality of EduBirdie’s essays. One of the surprising factors is their attention to detail, accuracy, and fast delivery speed. The writer has followed my instructions and actually took time to not only examine the grading rubric but also take a look at the general essay guideline that has been offered by my university. Based on my experience, it’s not so common that writers actually follow instructions like that, so it’s really beneficial to see something good for a change.

The company truly cares about customer satisfaction and their writers are usually open and ready to listen if you need to improve something. The most important is that they use innovative tools to scan for plagiarism and check the bibliography part twice to ensure that nothing is missed! My order for this EduBirdie review has been checked twice and I love the professional attitude that helps to ensure high quality of work!

Quality of Customer Support Service

I really enjoyed the way customer support at Edubirdie works. It’s very responsive and ready to help at any time. It works 24/7 to satisfy the needs of customers worldwide. I didn’t reveal any negative reviews related to the quality of support service. Here is the summary for those that question whether EduBirdie safe service is worth it: you have high-quality writing, on-time paper delivery, free revisions, and refunds. Even as I read about the legitimacy of this service and people questioning them, I could find that they are a legit service and the negative claims don’t have any factual evidence. Most probably, these are paid reviews placed by competitors. I assumed that Edubirdie legit service as I found proof of the legitimacy of this service on Reddit.

When I decided on placing an order, the support team offered its help. They answered all my questions and helped me make an order quickly. So, I don’t have any negative experience with their support team.

Is EduBirdie Legit?

Based on the investigation that I have done and by checking the laws in the United States and Canada, it is safe to say that EduBirdie belongs to the very few academic writing help companies that are actually legit. They provide students with essay samples and assistance with academic research work, which is not prohibited by law. Now, is EduBirdie legit when I cooperate with them? The company does not tolerate plagiarism in any form and makes it clear that what they provide is only for consulting and educational purposes

As a student, you are allowed to use academic service help online as you study and you do not violate any laws or bills per se. If you are wondering, is EduBirdie legal system placing them in the safe zone? Yes, but you should not claim the work as your own and should use it only as the template to complete your assignment. It’s stated so clearly on EduBirdie’s website. 

Therefore, it’s safe to rate the legitimacy of EduBirdie as 10/10. 

Edubirdie Legitimacy

Pros and Cons of EduBirdie Services

Let’s sum up certain things about EduBirdie’s service in the table below:

Logical Ordering Process Bidding system might not be for everyone
Free Revisions and RefundsPrices may be a bit too high 
100% Original Work You have to create an account
Direct Communication With a WriterRevisions are valid only for 3 days
Always Timely Delivery 
Numerous Payment Systems
Wide Range of Subjects Covered

Why Should You Choose

The primary reason to choose EduBirdie is to deal with a fully legit company that does not tolerate plagiarism. Is EduBirdie legit when I contact them for writing help? They are! It’s the reason why they were my primary choice. The next reason is the direct contact with a chosen expert that makes it easier to avoid confusion and finally discuss those complex assignment aspects without the man in the middle. They are always professional and cover a wide range of writing assistance and subjects, as can be seen from the reviews. You get writing from scratch, recension, and additional help in case you need it by editing and proofreading your paper. They have over 200 specialists, which makes it easier to choose the right one. It’s also possible to expect assistance in as little as three hours even though it comes with a higher price tag. The presence of revisions and refunds also makes them a safe choice to consider for your writing tasks.

Final Thoughts

Wrapping things up, I can say that my ordering experience has been positive and has helped me to understand one major aspect: if you can talk to your writer directly and deal with a writing company that stands for being legit, it always pays off. As I have checked numerous other companies, I have set specific objectives: being legit and up to the writing standards. EduBirdie fully meets these requirements and it’s easy to follow the company’s logic. The service implements the bidding system but remains affordable nonetheless. The support team is friendly and helpful. The presence of free revisions and refunds that actually work make them a safe choice. Note that I didn’t have to pay the whole sum until I checked the final paper, only a deposit payment as I placed an order. Now, the writers are easy to approach as they listen and show genuine care. It’s not surprising that EduBirdie company receives numerous positive reviews as they stand for quality and care for the results!


Is EduBirdie trustworthy for serious writing work?

They are a team of skilled writers in most academic subjects and essay types. If you have a serious project to complete, share your task’s details and let your customer support agent know what must be done. Choose Top Gold or Top Platinum writer level for the best quality and expertise!

– Is turning to EduBirdie equal to cheating?

No. Turning to EduBirdie, you are not violating any laws or bills because you receive academic writing assistance which is not forbidden. As long as you use it only for educational purposes and do not claim the work as your own, you are all safe.

– Is EduBirdie service reliable for urgent orders?

According to the company’s website, their experts can help you complete your task in as little as 3 hours. In my experience and based on reviews, they deliver tasks on time and even a bit earlier than the specified deadline by allowing you to have time for checking and free revisions. 

– Can someone find out that I am using the EduBirdie essay service?

They keep information encrypted and do not share your personal data with any third parties or our writers. As long as you follow the guidelines, no person will be able to find out that you have approached for additional writing help.

– Are there any discounts at EduBirdie for new or returning customers?

At the time of my review, there were no discounts. They use a bidding system, so you can compete for the best price and negotiate how much you have to pay. It is an even better way to make things affordable.